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Non Native Reptiles

One popular non-native reptile species, which is regularly released and can be seen in our ponds and lakes is the Red Slider or Red Eared Terrapin.


They can grow to an impressive size and this is probably the reason why they are being released into the wild. They will take fish, dragonfly larvae, ducks and even rip the bottom out of their nests to feed on the eggs.


The Terrapin in the photograph above was found in a Forest of Dean lake and although it hasn't been seen for a couple of years; throughout the UK there are hundreds, if not thousands of them in our waterways.

Throughout the UK many people keep non-native animals as pets and in some cases they discard these animals if they become bored with them, or if they become too hard to manage. Non native species can have devastating consequences on our native wildlife and for this reason you must never release any non-native animals into the wild in the UK.

Red Eared Terrapin or Red Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)